Shop EOM - June 2015

Shop EOM - June 2015
Jul 10, 2015

Ryan Tate

As shipping department lead for Western Window Systems, Ryan Tate (or simply “Tate” as his coworkers call him) is always on the move. But no matter what he’s working on, his objective is always the same: Get the job done.

“Tate works on virtually every truck that delivers to Southern California,” says freight manager Mike “Hollywood” Flores. “One thing I hear consistently from the drivers is that he loads and organizes their trucks the right way, every time.”

On the core value of innovation, Flores says Tate takes a different, but no less important, route.

“A big part of making innovation happen is having people believe in your ideas. Tate’s worked for several shipping managers, and for each of them, he’s moved their ideas forward like they were his own.”

Flores adds that Tate, who started with the company in 2014, comes up with his own innovations as well, like finding new ways to reorganize his day to keep projects on track, despite any issues that might get in the way.

When he isn’t taking care of business, Tate is helping others take care of theirs, no matter what department they work for. He’s cleared out L- and A-frames and wrapped and organized products for other shipping crews.

“He keeps me informed so I know where he stands throughout the day, and he’s never afraid to bring questions or concerns to my attention,” says Flores. “That allows me to focus on what I need to do.”

Congratulations to Ryan Tate, Western Window Systems’ shop employee of the month for June.

Learn more about Ryan Tate by reading his Q&A below:

Where are you from?

What song best sums you up?
“Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

What is your favorite sport to watch/play?

What are your hobbies?

Who do you admire?
My mother.

Where do you most want to travel?
Mexico and Canada.

If money was no object, what would you do?

What’s your favorite family recipe?
Yeast bread.

What’s your favorite movie?
Training Day.

What’s your favorite part of working at Western Window Systems?
Shipping products to the customer and getting the job done.

What’s one fact about you that almost no one else knows?
I attended college.