2016 Day Shift Shop Employee of the Year

2016 Day Shift Shop Employee of the Year
Jan 23, 2017

Cipriano Velarde

With the numerous challenges facing Western Window Systems in 2016, it was the perfect time for someone in the shop to step up and deliver a flawless performance.

That person turned out to be Cipriano Velarde, team lead on the Series 670 window line.

“Cipriano is the epitome of what we would call a lead in the shop,” says president and CEO Scott Gates. “He tackled the problems and worked on them.”

The result? Superior products and satisfied customers.

And that’s all with the company’s impending move to a new facility on the horizon.

“What this team pulled off with this move was a monumental task,” says Cipriano, who started working at Western Window Systems in 2013. “I have a badass team.”

In the new shop, he knows big challenges await.

“There are a lot more to come, and I’m up for it. I just hope everyone else is, too,” Cipriano says. “You count on me to help anyway I can.”

Congratulations to Cipriano Velarde, Western Window Systems’ 2016 day shift shop employee of the year.