2016 Office Employee of the Year

2016 Office Employee of the Year
Jan 23, 2017

Richard Mazur

Last year proved to be a turning point in the Western Window Systems’ history, with every employee chipping in to take the company to the next level.

One office employee stood out, though, for what president and CEO Scott Gates called “an instrumental role in determining our future.”

When Richard Mazur was told Western Window Systems planned to introduce 12 new products in 2017, he didn’t blink.

“On average, a door and window company can usually add one new product, and that’s usually a modification on an existing product,” Gates says. “But Richard’s an incredible designer and he’s certainly not lacking in confidence. He said to me, ‘No problem, we’ll get it done.’”

Gates says it’s imperative that the research and development department comes up with products they know the market is going to want. Richard, a mechanical engineer who started working at Western Window Systems in 2014, and his team delivered in spades.

But still he had to work long and hard to have corner samples ready in time for January’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando. So with the annual holiday shutdown looming, Richard doubled down. He worked through the break getting them done, and the market “went nuts over them,” Gates says.

“He was one of a few people putting in 15-hour-plus days,” Gates says. “As I thanked him, I loved his response: ‘I would never not come in.’”

Congratulations to Richard Mazur, Western Window Systems’ 2016 office employee of the year.