WWS, Local First Arizona For(u)m Team Up for Subcontractor Expo

WWS, Local First Arizona For(u)m Team Up for Subcontractor Expo
Apr 25, 2018

When an organization as important to the Phoenix business environment as Local First Arizona calls, Western Window Systems, which prides itself on its commitment to community engagement, answers.

The two entities teamed up on February 20, when Western Window Systems played host to LFA For(u)m’s Subcontractor Expo, an afternoon event that saw more than two-dozen attendees connect with a handful of local businesses at WWS’ new facility. For(u)m is a membership-based program of Local First Arizona dedicated to furthering diverse, context-sensitive and responsible development through infill, adaptive reuse, preservation, and redevelopment.

“The folks who were there were able to have really in-depth conversation with the vendors who were present,” says Connor Descheemaker, community planning coordinator with Local First Arizona For(u)m. “The No. 1 feedback I received is that people were excited to be in a space where there were vendors from multiple sectors. And those who attended were really eager to check out Western Window Systems’ new facilities and see the incredible array of services they offer.”

Besides Western Window Systems, the vendors included: Rocco Designs, Courtesy Fleet, Design Lab, Summit West Signs, Welcome Home AZ Magazine, and more. “The goal of this program is to include folks whose work we can all stand behind,” he says.

The Subcontractor Expo was one of two similar events held every year. Descheemaker says For(u)m hopes to double the number of vendors in attendance for the fall edition of the event.

Hosting the program is just one example of the type of local partnerships Western Window Systems strives to create.

“Arizona can be proud of Western Window Systems,” he says. “It is a company that is homegrown and a true success story, which we like to showcase. We point to its ability to stay local and true to its values, but grow as well.”