WWS Introduces Thicker Glass Options for Oversize Series 7000 Products

WWS Introduces Thicker Glass Options for Oversize Series 7000 Products
Sep 20, 2017

Given Western Window Systems’ ability to configure its Series 7000 family of performance-based aluminum door systems, it’s no surprise there are numerous glass options as well.

“Our new Series 7000 family of doors is designed to take the weight of bigger glass panels, as well as accommodate thicker glass,” says Cameron Wyatt, Western Window Systems’ vice president of design and supply chain. “And we’re able to offer our insulated glass limited lifetime warranty along with our standard lead time.”

Wyatt says that with traditional quarter-inch-thick glass and 1-inch overall units, the size limit on a panel of glass is still 60 square feet. However, for customers who want a panel even bigger than that, Western Window Systems is able to procure glass that is 8 millimeters thick (1.3 inches overall for insulated glass units) for an area up to 96 square feet. (Wyatt notes that the largest panel available is 96 inches wide by 144 inches tall). And these oversize glass units are available with Cardinal Glass’ lo-E 366 coatings, perfect for year-round comfort and premium energy efficiency.

For customers who demand a truly mammoth oversize panel of glass, Western Window Systems has established a partnership with Owatonna, Minnesota-based Viracon Glass. For the Series 7000 family of doors, Viracon can offer panels up to 15 feet tall. These oversize panels come with a 10-year warranty and an extended lead time. Viracon also is able to provide a coating comparable to the Cardinal Glass lo-E 366 coating.

Western Window Systems introduced the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door in March and the Series 7650 Sliding Glass Door in August. All Series 7000 products come standard with glass from Cardinal IG.