WWS Introduces New Window Line

WWS Introduces New Window Line
Aug 29, 2014

Building upon its wide selection of products that transform space, Western Window Systems introduces a new line of hinged windows in step with its reputation for superior craftsmanship, innovation, and style.

The Series 670, a customizable window line that includes casements, awnings, and hoppers, features the same quality and performance found in Western Window Systems’ Multi-Slide and Bi-Fold Doors. Architects, builders, and homeowners will appreciate the Series 670’s ability to be tailored to nearly any project as well as product details emphasizing aesthetics, water drainage, and ease of operation.

Designed with a 4.5” frame depth, the Series 670 can be directly mulled to most of Western Window Systems’ product lines such as hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed window walls. This male/female mulling feature is unique in aluminum fenestration products and eliminates the need for operable inserts while maximizing glass and narrowing sight lines.

For improved water performance, the Series 670 includes a sloped sill. Screens, which come standard, have been re-engineered using extruded aluminum and include a concealed clip system. These enhancements increase ease of operation, durability, and complement the window’s clean, contemporary appearance.

Additional benefits to the Series 670 include an upgraded hopper style that increases water drainage, a slimmer sash lock, and standard inclusions of thermally broken aluminum and high-quality stainless steel hardware.

“The ability to create window and door systems that integrate seamlessly is a critical design request from our builders and architects,” says Scott Gates, vice president and general manager. “Our new Series 670 product family makes this easier than ever. We’re excited to see how it will inspire them in future projects.”

The Series 670 replaces Western Window Systems’ Series 700 window line and is available with the same finish options, short production lead times -- and at the same price -- as its predecessor.

For more information on the Series 670, visit the product page.

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