WWS Helps to Put Veterans to Work

WWS Helps to Put Veterans to Work
Dec 07, 2015

Lance Whitford knows how difficult it can be for veterans to find work upon returning home from service. He served 11 years in the Air Force and has since made it his mission to assist vets facing job-related challenges. He founded Vets2Work, an Arizona-based organization that finds meaningful employment for unemployed and homeless veterans. And this year, Whitford initiated the 30/30 Veterans Employment Campaign, a unique program that allows companies to hire Whitford for one of his “30 companies in 30 days” work shifts. The money raised is used to employ veterans for community projects.

It was through Whitford’s 30/30 Veterans Employment Campaign that Rob Robichaud, human resources director for Western Window Systems, was introduced to Vets2Work.

“Lance reached out to us to raise awareness about veterans and their ability to help companies,” says Robichaud. “As part of his campaign, he worked for a day at Western Window Systems doing different tasks and learning about the company.”

Through Whitford and his program, Robichaud learned about the struggle many veterans face to find employment.

“Sometimes employers can’t immediately see how a veteran’s skillset might be applicable to their company’s needs,” he says. “Whitford’s program inspires hiring personnel to take a deeper look.”

As a result of the relationship with Vets2Work, Western Window Systems hired Shane Pearson, an Air Force veteran and mechanic. The first person hired through the partnerships made between Vets2Work and local businesses, Pearson is a full-time employee at the door and window manufacturer as well as a student at Universal Technical Institute.

Robichaud couldn’t be happier with the hiring decision. “It’s working out fantastically,” he says. “Shane is dependable, likable, safety-conscious, and a trusted member of our staff.”

Learn more about Vets2Work here.