When Your Order Qualifies for the 80 Percent Process

When Your Order Qualifies for the 80 Percent Process
Aug 22, 2018

Most of the orders we receive at Western Window Systems go into production the next day. However, some qualify for our 80 percent process, through which it may take two to three days before the order hits our manufacturing floor. The 80 percent process is a method we use to ensure that: 1) there are enough materials to produce the order correctly and on time, and 2) there are enough materials to keep all other orders running smoothly during manufacturing.

When an order meets any of the following conditions, it qualifies for our 80 percent process:

  • If the cost of the order is greater than $100,000
  • It the total weight of the order is over 15,000 pounds
  • If there are more than 50 units in the order
  • If the order has more than 25 similar units
  • If the order has a phased delivery

If your order qualifies for the 80 percent process, you will receive two acknowledgments: the first with a false ship date of December 25, which lets you know your order is currently in review, and the second with the correct ship date informing you that materials have been allocated (or special ordered) and that your order has been placed in production.

For additional questions about our 80 percent process, contact your inside sales representative.