Western Window Systems Appears in New Issue of Products Magazine

Western Window Systems Appears in New Issue of Products Magazine
Sep 18, 2016

Some words of wisdom from Western Window Systems vice president of custom sales Andrew Darr appear in the latest issue of Products magazine. Darr opens up about what builders and architects should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the decision to use multi-slide and bi-fold doors in their projects.

For instance, “they should know and understand that these types of door systems are designed to change the space and facilitate indoor-outdoor living. If incorporated correctly, they can turn an ordinary space into something dynamic,” Darr says in response to the question “What should trade professionals know about folding and sliding patio doors and where they can be used?”

Darr’s quote is one of several featured in a story by Products editor-in-chief Nigel F. Maynard titled “Folding, Sliding Doors Are Awesome, But What Should You Know About Them?Products is a quarterly magazine/website covering launches of new building products, installation techniques, research and development news, and picks from industry professionals.

Multi-slide and bi-fold door systems are increasingly popular among builders and architects for their ability to seamlessly connect the outdoors to the inside by greatly opening up and expanding living spaces. And with increased usage comes the potential for mistakes. Darr has one more piece of advice for builders and architects thinking about using multi-slide and bi-fold doors.

“They should not go it alone,” he says. “There is a lot of misunderstanding associated with large door systems, including structural needs, flooring details, pocket conditions, etc. Rather than guessing, a builder or architect should talk with a representative from the manufacturer to assist in planning and coordination. Companies like ours live to help an architect execute his or her vision. Let us help you!”