Three Ways We’re Continuing to Improve Our Customer Service

Three Ways We’re Continuing to Improve Our Customer Service
Jul 13, 2015

Here at Western Window Systems, we’re passionate about exceeding customer expectations through exceptional service and support. By continually taking steps to improve the way we work, we’re able to offer even better customer experiences and ensure that your satisfaction with us reaches the highest level.

Here are three areas we’re currently focused on:

  1. Responding to phone and email inquiries within one hour.
  2. Cross-training sales representatives in each of our territories so we can deliver seamless service to our customers.
  3. Instituting a training program where sales representatives gain firsthand knowledge of all products and processes through monthly learning sessions held in various departments on the shop floor.

“With the new training program, we’re building better relationships between sales and production,” says Western Window Systems inside sales manager De Anne Hayhurst. “These relationships help both areas to learn new things, see the bigger picture, and work more effectively as a team – and that’s extremely beneficial to the customer.”