Shorter Lead Times: 3 Ways We Deliver Excellence Faster

Shorter Lead Times: 3 Ways We Deliver Excellence Faster
Jan 28, 2015

At Western Window Systems, we know how critical shorter lead times are to your business. That’s why we have an ongoing commitment to keep production lead times on our custom products at three to four weeks, and for door systems available through our Volume Program as little as five days.

Here’s how we do it:

1.) Lean Manufacturing
With over 50 years of innovative thinking behind our business, we’re continually implementing new production practices focused on eliminating and reducing waste, saving both time and money.

2.) Exceptional Value
By doing more with less, we’re able to combine a high level of productivity with a focus on manufacturing superior, built-to-last products quickly and efficiently. This helps our partners increase cash flow, prevent lost business, and be more flexible and creative on building projects.

3.) Growth
Named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., our extraordinary growth enables us to bring positive change across our entire company through our core values of excellence, innovation, and partnership.

We’re proud to offer you high-quality solutions for indoor/outdoor living. And we believe in transparency in our process. Our production lead times are updated online daily and on every product we make in CustomView, our quoting system.

For additional information about our lead times, contact a Western Window Systems representative via our website.