Revit CAD Files Now Available on WWS Website

Revit CAD Files Now Available on WWS Website
Feb 16, 2017

In Western Window Systems’ ongoing effort to make incorporating its products into architectural designs easier than ever, the company has introduced Revit computer-aided design files for several of its innovative door systems and windows.

Now found in the “Details” library on Western Window Systems’ “Products” page on its website, the downloadable Revit files render a select number of doors and windows in three-dimensional modeling for instant visualization of the products.

“We responded to architects’ needs and repeated requests for the Revit software,” says Western Window Systems architectural director Ty Cranford. “When architects utilize the 3D software, it gives them a better perspective on what they are trying to achieve with their vision for the project. Revit makes the design process and experience better.”

Produced by software manufacturer Autodesk, the revolutionary Revit program lets Western Window Systems create realistic and accurate depictions of its products, allowing architects who increasingly use computer-aided design in drawing up plans for residential and commercial buildings to download the renderings and include them in their designs.

Currently available for some multi-slide pocket doors, multi-slide stacking doors, bi-fold doors, some hinged windows, and some hinged doors, the Revit files are easily accessible for architects by visiting the “Details” page and searching for a desired product. Configurations of those searched products that include a Revit file feature a gold button to be clicked. When the button is clicked, architects are led to the downloadable Revit file.

“Adding the Revit building information modeling files falls in line with one of Western Window Systems’ core values: innovation,” Cranford says. “Revit represents the future of the design process, and Western Window Systems is constantly striving to innovate and lead the fenestration industry into the future.”