Effortless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Effortless Indoor-Outdoor Living
Feb 11, 2016

Our Series 600 Multi-Slide Door gets a shout-out from Architizer, the online architecture and design database, in the article “Creating Rooms With a View” by products editor Sheila Kim.

Here’s an excerpt:
“The Series 600 makes indoor-outdoor living effortless. Essentially a system of whole moving glass walls that stack or tuck into pockets, the doors boast dual-pane low-E glass for solar heat-gain management and have been air-, water- and structurally tested. Sealed, stainless-steel ball-bearing rollers offer smooth and easy operation regardless of panel weight. Additional options include flush and water barrier sills, screens and flush-mount or protruding handles.”

Kim goes on to say that the ability to blur the lines between the indoors and outside is in high demand, and that there’s never a wrong time to enjoy views to the outdoors.