5 Things to Know About Certified Quoting in CustomView

5 Things to Know About Certified Quoting in CustomView
Feb 23, 2015

At Western Window Systems, we believe generating quotes quickly and easily is essential in creating a positive experience for you and your customers. To help make this experience as user-friendly as possible, we’ve identified five things to know about the “certify” quoting option on CustomView, our web-based quoting software:

  1. only certified quotes are accepted for jobs to begin production
  2. certified quotes lock in pricing for 60 days
  3. certified quotes ensure your order is as accurate and up-to-date as possible
  4. after 60 days, you will need to certify your quote again
  5. use the “save” button for certified quotes that have not expired

Note: Pricing information and product knowledge are automatically updated at the time of order entry. This improvement may affect the pricing of individual line items on project invoices; however, a quote discount, located at the bottom of the form, assures the total stays true to the original CustomView quote.

Have a question about your project invoice? Contact your Western Window Systems representative.